My backyard studio.

My backyard studio.

Sheena Fraser McGoogan. 

I was born in Montreal, Quebec and there I painted from an early age in the studio of my artist grandfather Albert Pattison. Years later, after taking courses at the Musee de Beaux Arts and McGill in Montreal, I completed an art degree with Canadian landscape painter Gordon Smith at the University of British Columbia graduating with a  double major in painting and printmaking. There, I won a scholarship to spend a summer painting at the Banff School of Fine Art.

These days, I paint with acrylic paints on canvas, and prefer to use bold colours to create a mood and an excitement. I like to paint 'stories' about where I have travelled while researching with my author husband Ken McGoogan.

Lately we have been travelling in the Canadian Arctic/Greenland with Adventure Canada and also the Rocky Mountains of Alberta. We continue to travel to Scotland, Ireland, Orkney, Norway and Nova Scotia.  In the Arctic I like to paint the towns, the mountains and the icebergs; in Alberta I like to paint the mountains and in Nova Scotia and Orkney I often paint scenes of the towns and places that we visit.  In Ireland and Scotland, I enjoy painting the landscape and the old crofts.